Spokane Criminal Defense Lawyers

After 7 years working as a prosecuting attorney, Mr. Graham started his private practice in 2002. He used his experience and skill learned as a prosecutor to advocate for the rights of those wrongfully accused. He has conducted over 100 jury trials, has argued at the State Supreme Court, and has over 10 published court decisions. He was joined in his firm by Anthony Martinez in 2012. Mr. Martinez has also argued at the Washington State Supreme Court as well as Court of Appeals.

Other attorneys work with the firm as needed for various projects. Our lawyers represent clients in Spokane, and throughout eastern Washington, and occasionally in Seattle and Olympia. We often represent college students across the state.

Anthony Martinez at the Washington Supreme Court

Hiring an Attorney

Much like working with any professional, it is important to find an attorney that is a right match for you. We encourage people to come to our office to meet with us. Our clients receive individual attention, and have access to us through our cellphones. We are often available for evening appointments as needed.

Preparing for a jury trial is a major undertaking, and it is important that clients feel they are prepared and each step is explained thoroughly. Criminal defense attorneys cannot assume the case will be resolved by a plea bargain. Our lawyers prepare each case as if it is going to a jury trial.