Upon recommendation from another attorney, I retained Mr. Graham when I was charged with three serious crimes–a violent crime, a property crime and another felony crime. We had less than two months to prepare for trial. Mr. Graham, along with attorney Anthony Martinez, was not only able to get acquittals on all three charges in jury trial, but also obtain reimbursement for expenses spent on defending the case. I am more than satisfied with the outcome. My life would of never been the same without these two brilliant attorneys. I highly recommend them.- N.B. (Whitman County, Washington)
Mr. Graham represented me on a charge of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm First Degree, and I was found not guilty at a bench trial. I was scared to go to court because of what I might face, but my criminal defense lawyer reassured me each step of the way and patiently explained his plan for how he would defend my criminal case. I have had a lot of defense lawyers, and there is no one better in eastern Washington at defending criminal cases. Thank you so much for giving me my life back and for treating me as a person who deserves respect and a second chance. You were a Godsend when I had very little to hope for.- D.S. (Spokane County, Washington)
My parents hired Mr. Graham to defend me on an Assault 3rd Degree in Spokane County. Not guilty verdict. What else can I say? He came into court like it was his butt on the line. Thank you! I would absolutely recommend this guy to someone in trouble with the law.- E.S. (Spokane County, Washington)
I met Mr. Steve Graham in 2003 and like everyone in this world we make poor decisions at times and need someone to help us through these times, and Steve went above and beyond helping me. Not only with the legal issues but life in general. We at times make poor decisions and when we do, we need someone like Steve to help us through these trying times. I am very grateful and it is a privilege to have met Steve and I am honored to call him my dear friend and he will do what it takes to try and help all his clients and hope they get back on the right path. But, like I have stated if you fall he will always be there to help you through your trying times. I have and will continue to refer individuals to Steve if they have any kind of legal issues because he was there for me and I would do anything for this man. Steve is a man of integrity, professionalism and a very intelligent lawyer. But most of all he is a man of his word and that means a great deal when dealing with legal issues. Steve, it has been a privilege and honor to have you as an attorney and a friend!!- J.S. (Okanogan County, Washington)